The treatment yesterday helped enormously. The radiation to the arm is now minimal and so is the stiffness in the neck. Extremely happy with it." Suzanne (41 years)

“I came to Mara on the recommendation of a friend. When I came to her I had tensions in various muscles due to work stress. It had an immediate effect on me and the muscles immediately loosened up in the following days. Mara's approach is very professional and she listens carefully to your condition. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend her.” Dennis (41 years)

“The treatment was very relaxing, sometimes I fell asleep. Felt that she was holding pressure points. And that was just right; not too hard and not too soft. Came home relaxed.” Mariska (48 years)

“My body wasn't comfortable, lockdowns of course, etc. Couldn't pinpoint where it was exactly. Did massage, did physio, those are two opposites. This is nicely in between and with attention to the inside of your body. After 2 treatments I definitely feel that it helps and I feel much better. Mara does it gently, with attention and care for your body. Definitely recommended.” Dennis (46 years)

“A special experience! An hour in complete rest and awareness of certain places in your body which require extra attention. Mara radiates calmness and a pleasant energy, so I felt completely at ease during her treatment. I am now a ‘regular customer’ who will definitely keep coming back.” Irma (60 years)

“Mara gives her treatments with great consideration. This allowed me to immediately relax very well and reconnect with my body. Her knowledge of the body in combination with the mind is good. This is how she quickly identified important themes with me. She really puts you back in your body and with both feet on the ground. Highly recommended!" Suzan (39 years)

“For some time now I have been getting Shiatsu massages at Mara. My intention was to go once, to experience what it's like because I didn't know it. During the first treatment I already knew that I would do this more often. With Mara I feel very comfortable and wonderfully relaxed. Now I look forward to the next treatment every time. Lucia (66 years)

“Shiatsu from a friendly masseuse who knows what she is doing: searching for energy lines, massaging and ensuring that balance is restored in case of imbalance. Besides a very relaxing experience, it is also relaxing after an hour of Shiatsu. After three sessions I feel a bit more stable each time.” Mireille (62 years)

“When I went to Mara for a Shiatsu treatment I didn't really know what to expect. We first had a chat and Mara asked me a few questions. I didn't have a special focus, but I told her that my back often hurts during stressful periods. She was very calm and focused on me. What I noticed during the treatment was that I became very relaxed and after a while emotions came out, even a tear ran down my cheek. Mara said that could happen and that was fine. The following days I felt calm and relaxed.” Madeleine (49 years)

“I came across Mara through a friend. I enjoyed the treatment, in which I completely relaxed. Mara has a pleasant touch and nice warm hands. She has a calm approach and I felt in good hands. Recommended!" Margriet (33 years)

“What a wonderful start to the day that was. Mara is very intuitive. Her soft and warm hands completely relaxed me in no time. Recommended!” Serge (47 years)